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Young church – Sunday 10th January

Happy new year everyone! Lets make 2021 better than last year.

As it is the new year, I would like you to think about things you could do to make this year the best year so far. Obviously covid is still a thing… so what can you do to make this year great for everyone. This could be helping your parents by tidying your room, or phoning a family member or neighbour to stop them from being lonely. It could be a goal for yourself too. Less time on your phone or games, read more books than last year, get school work done earlier. Literally anything!! Set yourself a goal for 2021, and try to stick to it.

A prayer of praise and thanksgiving for children

Loving God,
we thank you for John the Baptist
whose voice spoke truth;
for the voice at Jesus’ baptism
which spoke of delight;
and for Jesus himself
whose voice calls us to follow him to new beginnings.

If you get the chance, read Mark 1.4-11 , to see the Bible reading for this week.

CLICK HERE for the childrens page.

CAFOD Children’s Materials

We love the weekly webinar that is provided by CAFOD for children. Click on the image below to sign up and check out last week’s or tune in on Sunday at 10am for children and their parents or grandparents to get creative together before our own service goes live at 11am.

Young church – Sunday 15th November

A gathering prayer for children

Dear God, As the coronavirus continues, we pray that people we know will continue to stay safe and well. We pray that anyone who is affected directly by the virus will get better quickly, and also that anyone who is isolating alone will get through this. We also pray that the virus allows us to celebrate Christmas and advent time with our families, and those who we care most about. In your name we pray, Amen.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet.

Christmas Card Competition

Promoted by Auckland Youth and Community Centre

What a fantastic initiative by NE Youth and supported by Auckland Youth and Community Centre to get children and young people involved in this Christmas card competition.🤶🎄🎅❄️🦌☃️❄️

Little Chefs Big Chefs drew it to our attention, saying “As a partner organisations of AYCC, we have arranged to act as an additional collection point, so parents/carers can drop off their children’s designs to us at the Little Chefs Big Chefs Community Pantry on a Tuesday or Thursday, 10 – 12 and we can pass them on. “

Remember to write you name and age on the back (we shall take contact details) and hand this in BEFORE 23rd November. AYCC will then scan the design and send it off to NE Youth who will pick a winner.

NE Youth are holding a Christmas card competition- and we’d love for children and young people in our local community to get involved!

You will need… a piece of paper, something to draw with (colouring pencils, felt tips) and lots of creativity! Draw your design, write your name on the back and then bring it to AYCC during our opening hours BEFORE the 23rd of November 2020. We will then scan your design and send it off to NE Youth.

NE Youth will pick a winner, who will have their design printed on Christmas cards that will be sent to all of their members. We will also be picking our own winner, who will receive a prize from us! For some inspiration, you can see a picture of last year’s winning entry below.

If you are unable to visit the AYCC Centre in their hours or LCBC pantry in their hours, for instance if you are isolating, please message AYCCC on Facebook to organise alternative arrangements or write a comment below and we will help you to get your entry in.

Young church – Sunday 8th November

A gathering prayer for children

God, help us to bring
our whole selves to you:
our joys and our sorrows,
our hopes and our regrets,
knowing that you love all of us,
just as you love us all. Amen. (Taken from roots on the web).

This Wednesday, the 11th of November, is remembrance day. This means that on this day, we remember all of the soldiers who died for us during the first world war. It also marks the ending of the first world war, 11th of November 1918, at 11am. Just like the soldiers did, Jesus died for us on the cross. This week, I would like you to think about those who have died for us. Maybe ask your family and see if anyone known in your family was in a war, and died for our country. Once you have a person in mind, who can just be soldiers in general if you dont know a specific one, say a little prayer of thankfulness to that person.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet.

Remembrance Day around the world in 2020 | Office Holidays

Young church – Sunday 1st November

A gathering prayer for children

Dear God,
you lead each of us
on our path through life.
Today our paths meet
at this moment, in this place.
Bring us together to worship you.

This week, I would like you to be creative. Draw around your hand, and in the centre of the palm, draw your name. Decorate the hand and your name however you think best fits your personality. On your thumb, I would like you to think about something that brings you closer to your family. This could be a film night, or a shared enjoyment. On your 2nd finger, please write a postive thing about yourself, eg: confident, or kind. On your 3rd finger, write something you wish you had, eg: confidence. On your 4th finger, please write something you think God looks for in a follower of him. Finally, on your little finger, write why you love God. This could be any reason at all, eg: He loves us, He is kind, He looks out for us, He listens to us.

God loves each and every one of us for our own special ways and different personalities. We cannot do wrong in Gods eyes.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet.

Young church – Sunday 25th October

A gathering prayer for children

Lord God, we thank you for the super people around us.

Lord God, we thank you for the super people around us. Help us to imitate them, and grow to be the people you want us to be. Amen. (taken from roots on the web).

This week, I would like you to think about your heroes. Think about one person in particular who really inspires you to do better. What characteristics does this person have that makes them your hero? Did Jesus show the same characteristics? He is a hero to so many people, so what is it that makes him an inspiration?

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