Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church – Sunday 25th of April

The reading for this week is John 10:11-18.

This week, I would like you to think about the image of Jesus, and what characteristics you think he portrays. Draw on a blank piece of paper, a picture of how you imagine Jesus to look. Then around this picture, write good things about Jesus, and how He always wanted to help everyone else.

A prayer of thanksgiving (Gather).

Thank you, Jesus, that we are your sheep;
that you care for us – awake or asleep;
that you know us as we grow day by day;
and for watching over us in work, rest and play.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet this week.

A prayer for others (for children)

Response after each bidding:
Help us to follow the ‘good shepherd’.

Lord, when we feel lost and confused…
When we are tired by caring for others…
When we’re tempted by the wolves…
When we’re enjoying good pasture and rest…
Send us out to be faithful sheep and…

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