Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church- Sunday 21st of March

This week, is week 5 in lent. The reading for this week is John 12.20-33, and the main focus I would like you all to think about, it how we can make other people feel welcome. What can you do this week, in order to make someone else feel involved and welcome to you? Can you make people smile by talking to them when you wouldn’t usually? Can you help someone with something when they are struggling?

A prayer for children

Whether our name begins with A, M or C
Jesus welcomes us if we’re 14 or we’re three.
Thank you, Jesus,
for welcoming us today.
Help us love you more as we listen, talk and pray.
Amen. (Taken from roots on the web).

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet this week.

Make sure to keep a smile this week, be happy, make everyone else as happy as you can!!

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