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Government Guidance now says.
Other life cycle ceremonies: Private ceremonies are no longer exempt from wider rules around gatherings in groups larger than 6. Where such events are an element of communal worship, they may continue, subject to the requirements for communal services set out in the guidance linked above.

Please contact the minister, Rev John, by clicking here.

Christenings at Bishop Auckland Methodist Church in normal times take place on a Sunday at 12.15pm and take approximately half an hour or a little longer if more than one child is to be christened that day.

Our Christening Font
Our Christening Font

To book a Christening you can download this Christenings booking form.  Please contact the church on this contact form and make an appointment to discuss your needs and a possible date for your celebration.

A Christening at Bishop Auckland Methodist Church has no cost, but there are offering plates as you leave after the ceremony if you and your guests do wish give a donation as a thank you afterwards.

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