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Below please find messages from the congregation to keep church folk up to date with what is going on in each others lives or for church folk to send encouraging messages to the congregation in general. If you want to post a message to this page, please email it to or ring/contact the minister and he will pass it on.

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  • District MWiB Service

    A Message from our District Methodist Women in Britain organisation

    As we are unable to have our Autumn meeting  as planned at Stokesley Methodist Church we  have put together our very first video service for Darlington District MWiB .

    If possible please try and watch the service on Thursday the day that we had planned to meet . You will need to have a packet of coloured jelly beans to hand so that you can  share in the prayers.

    The Co-ordinating group are very  mindful that not everyone has the technology to watch via You Tube, so we are able to provide a DVD to people who would use this medium – please contact Olive or Audrey or write a comment in the box below and we will pass it to them, if you would like a copy of the DVD.

  • Thank you Gaunless Gateway for supporting our Youth and Technology Project!

    A local project based at Bishop Auckland Methodist Church, employing the creative talents of six young people, and enabling with partner 105.9 BishopFM a service from the church to reach those sheltering at home and unable to attend their regular place of community activities and worship, has been generously supported by Gaunless Gateway Big Local Partnership.

    The Partnership “was delighted to support the work” with a £14,797.80 project award feeling that “it fits in with identified community priorities, especially during these unprecedented times.”

    Those unprecedented times have particularly affected both old and young, and in enabling the creative talents of six young people working across a variety of artistic and technical aspects to be mentored by a local artist and equipped by working closely with BishopFM community radio volunteers, they will develop skills to serve the local community long into the future.

    When community groups can more easily meet again in buildings, the church on Cockton Hill Road with upgraded audio and visual capabilities, will be an excellent venue for community gatherings with the potential to live stream to those unable to attend in person. And in the meantime those unable to access their local place of worship, perhaps because their age places them in the vulnerable category for the virus, will be able to listen in on a Sunday morning on 105.9 BishopFM and hear some of those young people bringing their creative ideas across the airwaves.

    Rev John Purdy says “the generosity of this grant enables people of all ages and backgrounds to be linked together as we support one another at this difficult time. For some of our people who had been coming here for over 60 years to be unable to attend was heartbreaking, but now with the help of talented young people and the right technology, they are reconnected once more and feel as if they are still a part of the community they love.”

    Link to article in the Northern Echo

  • Paddington comes to Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

    St Anne’s School Year One class couldn’t come so they sent Paddington with their questions…

  • Little Chefs Big Chefs

    Help beat food waste and grab a bargain at the same time

    Rev John and Vanessa want to share with you the services of Little Chefs Big Chefs – especially their pantry hampers. Help beat food waste and grab a bargain at the same time! We’ve been getting a hamper from them each week for a couple of months and love the different end of life fresh items that are still ‘Best Before’ that lead us to interesting dishes for the following week! We’ve also turned our minds to jam and chutney making – both really firsts for us in this household – but delicious!

  • Marking a death

    Mildred Hendriksen, who was a member of the church, has died and Rev John conducted the funeral today. We continue to remember her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

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