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October 25th: No Newsletter this week but ‘Messenger’ and a mailing from Rev John should be arriving with you soon…

You should receive a mailing via your pastoral visitor in the coming week. If you don’t receive anything in the coming days, and would like to receive this bundle, please get in touch with Rev John at the end of the week.

Within the Messenger, there is a letter from Rev John and a questionnaire with an envelope in which to return the questionnaire to him. There are also membership cards and Methodist Way of Life cards for each member.

Rev John asks some questions

In a letter members and friends will soon receive in paper form, Rev John says: “It would help me in the planning to know your thoughts, and I ask that you take a few moments to answer the [following] questionnaire”.

You can fill it in when you receive it and get it back to us by post or by dropping it through the church or manse letterbox.

However, you may decide that you prefer to fill in an electronic copy and email it back to us. If so, please click the picture below of the questionnaire to download a word copy of questionnaire, which (if it loads correctly) you can then edit with your answers and return by email to:

Money Makes Change

Money Makes Change is a UK-based programme for individuals and churches to help Christians explore and make ethical choices around money put together by ECCR.

The way we spend, save and invest money has a huge impact on the world around us. Loving our neighbours and protecting God’s creation means taking seriously what we do with all our resources, not just the money we give away.

  • We help people understand how the everyday decisions we make about money impact society and God’s creation.
  • We get you thinking and talking about spending, saving and investing and inspire action to action to create a fairer world.
  • Imagine the difference we could make if every Christian used a more ethical bank, invested their pension and savings in companies working to better our planet and supported businesses that live out our values?
  • Money Makes Change is a programme by ECCR (The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility), a UK-registered charity, and the videos posted on this channel, are in support of the programme and ECCR’s wider work.

Money Makes Change is building a community of people passionate about connecting faith and finance. Come and get involved! Watch our introductory video (below), explore the resources below or check out our upcoming events.

If you are interested in doing this as a study with others possibly over Zoom in the next while, please contact Rev John or else drop a comment in the box below…

Meaningful Ageing Course

Sign up for Oct/Nov Meaningful Ageing Course on Zoom

8 weeks in Oct/Nov 2020 for 2 hours per week
Tuesday evenings 7-9pm on Zoom

6th Oct ‘Understanding the Ageing Journey’
13th Oct ‘Spirituality in Ageing’,
20th Oct ‘Good Communication’
3rd Nov ‘The Power of Storytelling’
10th Nov ‘Dementia’
17th Nov ‘A New Home and a New Way of Life’
24th Nov ‘Loss, Grief, Death and Dying’,
1st Dec ‘Roles, Boundaries and Self-Care’

Video Trailer for Course

Kindness, Compassion and Respect

Meaningful Ageing works to enable those who are supporting older people to be their best selves. There is a wide range of practical resources for organisations to develop and support capability in emotional support for older people. This includes building empathy, kindness, compassion and respect. All of these are fundamental to contemporary spiritual care.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care in its widest sense which the course embraces, looks at giving purpose, meaning and value to the lives of those in the ageing process.  All of us are ageing and we should hold spiritual care and ageing in high regard, not just content to care about the medical / physical needs but to appreciate the spiritual life and changing needs as we age. Spirituality is about what gives us a purpose to our lives. It is about our sources of meaning and hope, which in turn is closely related to our connectedness to ourselves, to others and to the world. And the good news is, as we age, and as we decline mentally and physically that does not mean a spiritual decline. In fact, with advanced years, greater life experiences, and a history of spiritual lessons under our belt, we can have a healthier spiritual life than when we are younger.

Is this for me?

Are you ageing? – then yes, it’s for you. Are you caring for a loved one who is ageing and struggling with what it all means? – then yes, it’s for you. Do you visit and/or care for those who are ageing in a community or family setting or have a role in church or community where you meet older people and want to offer the best love and care? – then yes, it’s for you.

Sign up

To book your place or find out more
contact Rev John Purdy on 01388 603142
or use the contact form to contact him and book your place.

Additional Harvest Materials

Change begins with a Bicycle

Local independent shop Inspiral Cycles owners talk about how change for us can begin with a bicycle…

All We Can 2020 Harvest Appeal – watch below

Follow this link to give a one-off donation or to give £6 a month to All We Can ‘Change begins with a Bicycle’ Harvest Uganda Appeal

A local bike ride away – our local Foodbank

Follow this link to give money to support Woodhouse Close Community Centre and the Foodbank or drop some of the items on the list below into them one day during the week, or contact Rev John on 01388 603142 if you aren’t able to go yourself and you wish him to collect something from you to drop up to them.

Watch Rev John’s All age Video here about a grumpy worker in God’s kingdom…

Watch the video below about Chuck Feeney who John mentions in his sermon this weekend:

or read more about him and his philanthropy here

Rev John reads from Walter Brueggemann’s book: “God, neighbour, empire”:

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