Bishop Auckland Methodist Church


A funeral is always a sad time, and at Bishop Auckland Methodist Church we aim to support you through those first few days as you say goodbye to your loved one.

Working together with local Funeral Directors, the church is available for a service and also for catering afterwards, should that be desired.

The minister will be in contact with you as requested by the Funeral Director.

Millenium Window
Millenium Window

The church seats 180 people on the ground floor with room for an additional 70 in the pews of the gallery.  For larger gatherings a further 50 chairs can be brought in on the ground floor giving a capacity of 300 within the church itself.  The service can also be relayed into lounge and meeting rooms should an even larger gathering be expected.

At Bishop Auckland Methodist Church we have PowerPoint and Audio-Visual capacity which allows for a photograph of the deceased to be displayed, hymn words to be projected or, if desired and when appropriate, a photo-loop illustrating your loved one’s life, or a short video with music to aid memory or reflection.

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