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Connecting with other Young People across the Church

3 Generate 365 – a new online venture for young people within the Methodist Church…

Getting involved with 365

3Generate TV

Visit 3Generate TV for videos from past 3Generate events on a number of subjects, as well as playlists for Get Creative!, Sports & Physicality and Agents of Change.

3Generate App

Download the 3Generate App (it’s coming soon) for access to: President/rep voting, news updates, sharing their voice, quizzes, polls and stories. If you can’t access the app then we have web page alternatives.

Tune In events

3Generate 365 will be hosting two exciting ‘Tune In’ events during November and January, hosted by the Youth President, Phoebe. These will be live streamed broadcasts where there will be interviews, worship, fun, challenges and a chance to interact via Zoom polls and on social media. Tune In events will be held on Saturday 21 November 2020 and Saturday 30 January 2021.

Agents of change: children and young people

Agents of Change: young adults

Our Agents of Change work aims to inspire and equip you and other children/young people to be activists, volunteers, campaigners, peace-makers and project-starters. Go to our agents of change pages to find out more:

Eg: Green Agents of Change

For children and young people passionate about climate justice!

The Children, Youth and Family Team recently hosted our first online gatherings for children and young people in the Methodist Church who are passionate about climate justice.

The aim of these events was to start a conversation that:

  • explores what motivates and inspires children and young people’s involvement in climate justice
  • names and celebrates what children and young people are already doing in the name of climate justice
  • asks children and young people what else they think the Methodist Church should be doing – locally and nationally
  • asks children and young people what they want to be involved in and how they want to be supported or consulted
  • explores with children and young people how their faith and their climate justice work overlaps.

Grace, aged 8, attended the session for 8 – 11 year olds. Read the article she wrote for her church magazine here.

Why not consider submitting your own article about climate justice to your church magazine, newsletter or website? 

Youth President and Youth Rep voting

This year voting for both the Youth President and Youth Reps will take place from 21 November to 21 December, via the 3Gen App or on the website (more information to come soon).

Who will you choose?

For Youth President

Mary – Candidate for Methodist Youth President

Zariel – Candidate for Methodist Youth President

Daud – Candidate for Methodist Youth President

For Global Church Rep:

Meg – Candidate for Global Church Rep

Liddy – Candidate for Global Church Rep

For Social Justice Rep:

Rachael – Candidate for Social Justice Rep

Emily – Candidate for Social Justice Rep

For Ecumenical Rep:

Isabel – Candidate for Ecumenical Rep

Martha – Candidate for Ecumenical Rep

For Conference Rep:

Matthew – Candidate for Conference Rep

Rachel – Candidate for Conference Rep

Roxanne – Candidate for Conference Rep

For Council Rep:

Verity – Candidate for Conference Rep

Sunday@3 Thought from Hannah

Photo taken by Rebekah Masters

From experience, I know that there are times that we feel completely alone in the world and like there is no one with us when we need it. Staying 2 metres apart from everyone that we love, having to distance ourselves from our friends and changing our normal everyday lives has affected everyone. During this time, I have felt alone and missing friends that I hadn’t seen in months. Every week I’d watch a Church service or attend a youth chat on Zoom and be told “God’s with you even when you don’t feel it” or “He’s helping us through this lockdown”. Some weeks I’d think “Yes I know he’s been here this week” but other times I’d be thinking “Where was he this week when I needed him”. Looking back now, I can see the times that God was with me and helped me.
I don’t know what you’re going through at the moment but what I do know is that God always has your back and will be there to help you through whatever you’re going through.

Sunday@3 Thought from Hannah

Light a candle…

This week think about how your faith is like a flame. Take a candle and as you look at the unlit wick, pray about your own flame of faith. Be honest with God about how brightly or dimly you feel your faith is burning at the moment. As you light the candle, pray that your passion for God may be re-ignited. As the flame grows, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the ways he has helped you to shine the light of his love through your words or actions.

Green Agents of Change

3 Generate and the Environment

If you know a child or young person who is passionate about saving the planet, why not encourage them to come to one of our Green Agent of Change Catalyst Events, hosted in partnership with #AllWeCan, Methodist Global Relationships and #JPIT on 22 August? 

This week’s Methodist podcast features the new COP26 Campaign Workers, Mollie and James, talking about the work they will be doing to help the Methodist Church respond to the climate crisis. We encourage everyone to listen to the podcast which also features the retiring Youth President of the Methodist Church.

Please accept our sincere apologies but there was an issue with the registration link that was sent to you yesterday for the Green Agent of Change Catalyst Events. Parents/Guardians/Carers can now register their children and young people here.

You can still visit the Green Agents of Change web page to find out more about the event.

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