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Green Agents of Change

3 Generate and the Environment

If you know a child or young person who is passionate about saving the planet, why not encourage them to come to one of our Green Agent of Change Catalyst Events, hosted in partnership with #AllWeCan, Methodist Global Relationships and #JPIT on 22 August? 

This week’s Methodist podcast features the new COP26 Campaign Workers, Mollie and James, talking about the work they will be doing to help the Methodist Church respond to the climate crisis. We encourage everyone to listen to the podcast which also features the retiring Youth President of the Methodist Church.

Please accept our sincere apologies but there was an issue with the registration link that was sent to you yesterday for the Green Agent of Change Catalyst Events. Parents/Guardians/Carers can now register their children and young people here.

You can still visit the Green Agents of Change web page to find out more about the event.

An American speaking to Irish Young People

but maybe of interest in Bishop Auckland also…

Follow this link to watch Jon Middendorf on Facebook:

Isaiah 61 – Good News Translation from

The Good News of Deliverance

61 The Sovereign Lord has filled me with his Spirit.
He has chosen me and sent me
To bring good news to the poor,
To heal the broken-hearted,
To announce release to captives
And freedom to those in prison.
He has sent me to proclaim
That the time has come
When the Lord will save his people
And defeat their enemies.
He has sent me to comfort all who mourn,
To give to those who mourn in Zion
Joy and gladness instead of grief,
A song of praise instead of sorrow.
They will be like trees
That the Lord himself has planted.
They will all do what is right,
And God will be praised for what he has done.
They will rebuild cities that have long been in ruins.

My people, foreigners will serve you.
They will take care of your flocks
And farm your land and tend your vineyards.
And you will be known as the priests of the Lord,
The servants of our God.
You will enjoy the wealth of the nations
And be proud that it is yours.
Your shame and disgrace are ended.
You will live in your own land,
And your wealth will be doubled;
Your joy will last forever.

The Lord says,

“I love justice and I hate oppression and crime.
I will faithfully reward my people
And make an eternal covenant with them.
They will be famous among the nations;
Everyone who sees them will know
That they are a people whom I have blessed.”

10 Jerusalem rejoices because of what the Lord has done.
She is like a bride dressed for her wedding.
God has clothed her with salvation and victory.
11 As surely as seeds sprout and grow,
The Sovereign Lord will save his people,
And all the nations will praise him.

Irish Methodist Youth Event goes Online

Something for those in Sunday@3 to join… for now, have a read!

Autumn Soul 2020

The most certain things these days is uncertainty. Uncertainty of tomorrow and days yet to come.

When it has come to Autumn Soul, we have asked many questions. We have prayed and we have listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Our young people are living in a period of unknowns. What will school look like, will I see my friends, what if there is a second wave… just to name a few. We want to provide our young people with something concrete; something which they can look forward to and know that no matter what the circumstances, they can be part of.

Therefore, we are planning to take Autumn Soul Online this October.

We will continue to adapt our ideas and plans depending on guidelines issued by the church and government come September and early October. For now we want you to know that Autumn Soul will happen. It will certainly look and feel different, yet we believe that as we continue to open our hearts to God, he will direct our path and plans as we move forward.

Find out more about Autumn Soul here.

Scripture Union Family Resource

Introducing a series of five devotions for families

This is a series of five devotions that have been specifically written for families confined to their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic by Scripture Union Global. The sessions are designed for all ages and are simple to use – they don’t require lots of set up or materials, just you and your family.

The devotional can be used as your church service on a Sunday or divided up over a few weeknights – you choose what works best for your family. Alternatively, you could join together with other households via an online platform.

The series is structured around the choices we can make during this time. It’s a good time to talk together as families about how we respond to this global crisis. Each devotional will focus on one of these choices:

  • Anxiety v peace: Matthew 6:28-31 – do not worry
  • Boredom v purpose: Matthew 5 – how are we to live?
  • Looking after #1 v caring for others: Matthew 5:13-16 – being salt and light
  • Loneliness v community: Matthew 14 – reaching out to others
  • Fear v faith: Matthew 8:22-27 – Jesus calms the storm

 Practical suggestions for families

  • Find what works best for you, recognising that each family is different. Don’t set high expectations of what the session will look like but celebrate the small wins.
  • Choose a place to have your time together. Have the same place each time to create a routine. This could be around a table or on the couch together.
  • Have at least one adult in the family read through the material beforehand and familiarise themselves with it. Share this responsibility around. One day it could be Dad, the next day it could be Gran.
  • Divide the tasks up. Different members of the family can read the Bible passage or ask the questions or lead a song. A family member might like to play an item as part of the response time.
  • Sharing times can be difficult. To avoid one family member dominating the conversation, encourage active listening: each person shares while the others listen in affirming silence. Then, when everyone has shared, there can be discussion. This allows each person to share without interruptions.

Each session includes

To do a simple fun activity (no materials required)

To talk about a question to get the conversation started

To explore a short Bible passage to read and an optional video clip to view

To think about something for the family to ponder

To respond choose from a few options (prayer ideas, a song to sing, an action)

To pray finish by praying a simple blessing together

If you want to download the devotions go to Scripture Union Global’s webpage and scroll to the bottom and click the buttons for the individual devotions,

Alternatively, click this link to download all the devotions together as a pdf.

The Well – Ideas for Half Term from The Connexion…

Here are ten activities that children or young people might want to try during the half-term to listen to God and inspire creativity:

(Why not print off the list and encourage the children and young people you know to have a go at one or more or all of them?)

  1. Get up to date! Watch a television news broadcast or read some news on the Internet. What stories provoke a reaction? What might God have to say about those stories?
  2. Get sweaty! Take part in some sport or exercise (you might even want to join Methodist staff member Gareth for a boxercise session here). What were your thoughts and feelings throughout the exercise and what were your thoughts on completion?
  3. Tune in! Listen to some music – worship or chart! What words in the songs stand out for you or might say something about God or the world?
  4. Netflix and pray! Watch a film or a TV show with friends or family and then talk together afterwards about what you might have learned or noticed. Does it remind you of a particular Bible story or passage? Where might you have experienced or seen God in the story?
  5. For the bookworms! Think about a book you have read recently that you enjoyed or that inspired you. What feelings did it bring about for you and why? Where did you see glimpses of God in the story?
  6. All the feels! Take part in a sensory activity – paddle in a cold stream (or stick your feet in a cold bath!) or sit in a quiet spot and listen to the birdsong and other sounds around you, or gaze at the stars on a clear night. What might God be saying to you through these sensations?
  7. Get biblical! Choose a guided Bible meditation to take part in on the TakeTime website. What might God have said to you as you wondered about the questions in the meditation?
  8. Justice league! Spend some time reading about or researching a social justice issue that you really care about (like the climate crisis, poverty, homelessness, war, refugees, Covid-19 and health). Do you think God cares about this issue too? What might God want to say to you or to us about this subject?
  9. Get schooled! Think about some of the things you’ve learned at school (or home school) in the last few weeks. Has anything surprised you or made you so interested you want to find out more? What are you curious about and where is God in that curiosity?
  10. Everyday influencers! Think about a person who you admire, love or are inspired by. Or has someone done something recently that has really blessed you and made you feel thankful? Is there anything about that person that teaches you something about God or Jesus?

3Generate 2020 30 October – 1 November 2020, Birmingham NEC

It would be great to take Sunday@3 youth to this event in October. If you would like to come along, maybe put a note in the comment box below. We will have booking forms for you when bookings open. Have a look at the video below and think about it.

Registration: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Booking tickets: Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Stay tuned to find out more information about 3generate 2020 early April. 

What is 3Generate?

3Generate is an action-packed and inspiring weekend, primarily designed to hear the voice of children and young people across the Methodist Church. It focuses on faith, friends and fun. To see what happens, visit our YouTube channel 3GenerateTV

 What do we mean by hearing the voice? Throughout the 3Generate weekend we seek to discover the thoughts and opinions of children and young people, on a variety of subjects and in a variety of ways. Click here to see an illustration of how we hear the voice of delegates at 3Generate.

 Our Youth President for 2019-2020, Thelma Commey, has her own theme for the year. This is #JesusLovesAll. Thelma was excited about celebrating the unconditional love of God with those who attended 3Generate 2019, and reflected together on how we share that love with others. 

Nandos menu choice

for Sunday@3 Darlington Trip Sunday 16th Feb leaving at 2.30pm from Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

  1. Burger / Wrap / Pitta with what FILLING? (see choice A or B)
  2. What SIDE do you want?
  3. Then tell me what SPICE you want your burger, pitta or wrap:
  4. Then which DESSERT?
  5. You will get a glass and be able to choose your soft drink

Mozam Wrap –  Filled with a tangy pineapple & coconut chutney, grilled chicken and crunchy lettuce, then drizzled with a rich black garlic sauce. 50p from each one goes towards fighting malaria in our Southern African homeland.or
Fino Pitta –  Indulge in a toasted pitta filled with two flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken thighs, grilled halloumi cheese, caramelised red onion relish and wild garlic aioli, topped with lettuce.or

CHOICE B – burger, pitta or wrap – see below, then add your filling…

  • Burger  with lettuce and tomato. 
  • Pitta with lettuce, semi-dried PERi tomatoes and cucumber moons.
  • Wrap with lettuce, yogurt mayo and chilli jam.

Filling: what do you want in it:

  1. Grilled Chicken
  2. Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi (veggie)
  3. Sweet Potato & Butternut -[veggie] with red pepper, onion, edamame beans and a hint of smoked paprika
  4. Supergreen [veggie] – Full of the green stuff like broccoli, edamame beans and kale.
  5. Beanie – [veggie] Cheddar cheese, chickpea and sweetcorn burger pulsating with lentils, peas and pumpkin seeds.
  6. Veggie Cataplana [veggie] – Chargrilled veg, beans and chickpeas in a rich, spicy tomato and coconut sauce, served on spicy rice and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings.

Then choose a side

Then choose a spice

Then choose a dessert

  1. Bottomless frozen yogurt – either mango, strawberry or chocolate [we won’t know which flavour is ‘on’ until we get there]
  2. Salted Caramel Brownie – Rich chocolate brownie with a delicious hint of salted caramel.
  3. Naughty Natas – Tempting and traditional Portuguese custard tart, baked fresh each day right here. Naughty but nice.
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