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Thank you BishopFM

105.9 BishopFM has been broadcasting John’s Radio reports from COP26 over the past fortnight and today they put an hour’s programme together with a compilation of these reports and broadcast it at 10am before the radio Remembrance service. If you missed it and would like to listen back, click on the picture below to find it on Mix Cloud.

Final evening in Glasgow

Final evening in Glasgow, the sun has set on our stay, and it seems is sadly setting on a Conference of the Parties where not enough progress has been made to bring the necessary hope to those already suffering. How can we sleep, how can we tell them we couldn’t change enough because we still don’t really believe either the science or their lived experience? We head back to ‘normal’ life, others we have met and ate with head back to the prospect of stronger than ever cyclones hitting their island homes, shattering their communities, breaking apart their hearts.

Praying for Hope…

In Govan, walking, praying, reflecting on industrial prosperity followed by societal poverty. But searching, longing, praying for hope both here and in the COP26 blue zone a mile along the river.

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