Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church – Sunday 11th October

A gathering prayer for children

We can’t learn to read or write without books and pens.

Your first task is as you read this prayer, come up with appropriate actions for each sentence.

Dear Lord,
we can’t learn to read or write
without books and pens.
We can’t learn to dance
without a teacher.
We can’t learn football
without a coach.
We can’t learn to love
without someone
showing us the way.
Jesus, thank you so much
for always being there,
whatever we are doing. Amen. (Prayer taken from roots on the web)

This week, I would like you to think about those without a home or a family in the current climate, so are less fortunate than we are. We are very lucky to be able to wake up in a comfy bed, to a caring family, have food and water every day, and live in a home. Not everybody has it this easy, and as it gets colder, these people start to suffer even more. To make it worse, covid is making it harder for them to get any food, or shelter without putting themselves and others at risk.

Due to this, I would like you all to think about things you are grateful for, and try to write a short prayer to say thank you for these things you have. An example could be,
Thank you God for my friends and family.
Thank you God for my food and water.
Thank you God for my comfy bed and shelter.

CLICK HERE for the children’s roots sheet.

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