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Money Makes Change

Money Makes Change is a UK-based programme for individuals and churches to help Christians explore and make ethical choices around money put together by ECCR.

The way we spend, save and invest money has a huge impact on the world around us. Loving our neighbours and protecting God’s creation means taking seriously what we do with all our resources, not just the money we give away.

  • We help people understand how the everyday decisions we make about money impact society and God’s creation.
  • We get you thinking and talking about spending, saving and investing and inspire action to action to create a fairer world.
  • Imagine the difference we could make if every Christian used a more ethical bank, invested their pension and savings in companies working to better our planet and supported businesses that live out our values?
  • Money Makes Change is a programme by ECCR (The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility), a UK-registered charity, and the videos posted on this channel, are in support of the programme and ECCR’s wider work.

Money Makes Change is building a community of people passionate about connecting faith and finance. Come and get involved! Watch our introductory video (below), explore the resources below or check out our upcoming events.

If you are interested in doing this as a study with others possibly over Zoom in the next while, please contact Rev John or else drop a comment in the box below…

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