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Stories of Spring flowering and growing #8

Sandringham Care Home posted this on Facebook

We have some fantastic links within the community, one of which being our local Methodist Church that we visit every Thursday for a cuppa, a biscuit and a chat! We are missing our coffee mornings over there but it is so heartwarming to know that they are thinking of us! Rev John Purdy has dropped off these as a reminder for our hard working staff that they are all angels! Aren’t they adorable? Thank you to the lady that took the time to knit these, we love them! ❤️

Ruth Storey replied: She’s called Ann and they are amazing as are all of you working in care.🌈

John Purdy replied: Thank you Ruth for the suggestion of angels, caring angels 👼 in Sandringham and Eden House received the first batch of knitted angels today.

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