Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Message from our Church Stewards

We hope that you and all your families and friends are keeping safe and
well during this very trying and worrying time when we are not able to
meet and greet each other as usual as a Church family.
We know that many of you are keeping in touch via social media, phone
calls etc. and also hope you are keeping in touch with the church
website for prayers and information which is being updated frequently.
At our last  Church steward’s meeting we decided to hold a games night
in June for the Church project – The Marie Curie Hospice in Newcastle,
but didn’t get time to advertise it before we closed.
We intend to still hold it later in the year and we look forward to
being togther again to support this. But above  all we look forward to
being  able to worship and meet together in our usual way.

God Bless
Ralph and Olive, Christine, Keith and Lucy and Cliff.

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