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Christine L. recommends this new hymn

Talking to Christine L. this morning, she was saying how much she appreciated both the words and the tune of Singing the Faith 616, ‘Lord, in our lonely hours’, which is a new hymn for us.

It challenged me to see if I could find a way to share not only the words but the music here and so here it is in both video form – although you’ll have to sing along yourself [a great opportunity for worshipping at home!] – and also the words for those who just prefer to read them…

The words are by Fred Pratt Green and the tune is copyright 2010 by Paul Leddington Wright and is called ‘ALLEIN’.

1 Lord, in our lonely hours, 
And when our spirit faints, 
We are encouraged by your life, 
And by your saints.

2 If we’ve no breath for praise, 
No thoughts to frame a prayer, 
We know you need no words of ours 
To prompt your care.

3 If in excess of pain,
Or grief, we stammer Why? 
It comforts us that on your cross 
This was your cry.

4 Yet, in serenest faith,
Transforming Calvary,
You trusted in the Father’s love —
And so must we.

Fred Pratt Green (1903–2000)

© 1989 Stainer & Bell Ltd 
6 6 8 4
Used By Permission. CCL Licence No. 882296
Copied from HymnQuest: Copyright Licence Users’ Edition
HymnQuest ID: 57308

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