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Sun 20th Oct – Nothing is impossible

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Hannah’s Creative Prayer ideas

Morning Worship

This week I looked at Psalm 121:
In my Bible, there are little notes written along the outside, some are explaining the passage but the one for this Psalm was written in the style of a letter to us from God. It said:

‘My child-I never sleep. I never take a vacation or go on a break or ask for a substitute. I watch over you constantly. I see you come and go – I’m always caring, loving, protecting you 24/7.
Your faithful Father’

Even though God is always looking over us, there are times when we feel completely alone. The Psalm tells us that we are never alone and that God is always there.

The creative prayer idea is to hand out paper and ask people to write down a time that they felt that God was not there. Then read out the Psalm and ask people to write down a time when they really felt the presence of God.

Dear Lord,
I pray that we will strongly feel your presence in our lives today. I pray that we will hear you voice guiding and directing us. May you reveal to us how much you love us.

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