Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Youth Team

Niamh is the remaining member of the Youth Team.

Niamh is a brilliant vocalist and singer. She provides vocals to audio and video hymns at the request of the Sunday preachers and also for the daily reflections. She has already built up a vast resource of hymns that are available to be included in worship across the circuit. She mixes her own hymn tracks which can be heard in our weekly worship broadcast on radio and YouTube. We see Niamh in person occasionally leading songs and hymns in worship in building.

We say thank you to past Youth Team members especially for their online and digital content which is still available here. Thank you Hope, Millie and Hannah, Connor and Abbie.

Hope has her own website where you can see more of her photography and artwork.

Hope continues to work in the town and is part of a new project in the town centre. Millie is at Sunderland University and Hannah at University in Norfolk.

Connor and Abbie continue to worship with us and volunteer on the tech desk and making PowerPoints for worship.

If you would like to use Hope and Millie’s slides which compliment the Lectionary then you can click through to view them using the link below:

Lectionary Year C

Click on the image from Year C Advent 1 to go to the Slides for Lectionary Year C which runs from Advent 2021 to the end of November 2022.

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