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Commissioned on 1st September 2019 for a new year of service through music, reflection and prayer

Hope, Millie and Hannah all work within the context of Bishop Auckland Methodist Church providing weekly reflections, and ideas for worship, music and prayer.

Each week they produce PowerPoint slides with music and a Creative Prayer idea.  If any churches wish to use these resources, especially those in the Bishop Auckland Fellowship of Christian Churches, whose grant application is enabling their funding this year, they are most welcome. 
If you wish to let us know what you think of their work, please use the comment box below or the comments at the end of each post.

Millie has also put a youtube channel together where she prepares music to play before worship.

Hope has her own website where you can see more of her photography and artwork

Click on post below to see for each Sunday Hope’s slide images, Hope and Millie’s Reflections as a video and Hannah’s creative prayer. If you wish to use any of these in your worship service and would like the original PowerPoint files, please contact

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  • 10th May

    Hope’s Slides

    Hope and Millie’s Reflections

    Hannah’s Creative Prayer

    The Bible has lots of names for Jesus…

    Some of them are: Immanuel, Prince of Peace, Ancient of Days, Friend, Servant, The Word, Saviour, Good Shepherd, Rock. 
    Which name for Jesus means the most to you at the moment?
    What does it really mean to you?
    What does this tell you about Jesus?
    How could this help you to love and trust Jesus?

  • March 22nd

    Lent 4 – Mothering Sunday

    Verses from Psalm 23…

    Walking hand in hand with God, you’re led through green meadows so you can lie down and rest when you’re tired. You feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. You feel the cool breeze against your skin and warm sun on your face. Breathe in deeply the peace God offers you. Someone watches over you while you sleep. Rest a moment. 

    God – the creator of all of this – is good. God is the one who takes care of you so everything you need is yours. When you feel thirsty, God leads you to a fresh stream. Feel the cool water, taste its sweetness. 

    Your soul is restored and refreshed as you journey with God. You are gently guided along paths that offer life to you and to others, paths of good things, your heart is full. You really want to sing. Go ahead. 

    Even when you walk through a dark, scary valley, there is nothing to fear. God is with you, protecting and comforting you. You’ll never be left alone. Feel yourself lifted into God’s strong arms as you journey through the dark.

    God prepares a banquet for you in the midst of all your fears. You are God’s own. God blesses you with oil. Your joy overflows as you sit at the table and eat. 

    Goodness and love will be with you always. You’ll live in the house of love forever and ever. Stay in the beauty of this love that never ends. Dance, play, rest. Enjoy. 

    Imagine yourself in this place. Share your heart with God. Was there anything you heard that you found difficult? Spend some time considering that with God. Do you sense an invitation from God? How are you drawn to respond?

  • March 15th – Lent 3

    I really liked the idea of the nail crosses for Sunday. The song that you mentioned could be playing in the background while the congregation are holding the crosses. And then I could say this prayer

    Father God,

    I kneel before you knowing that I have sinned against you in so many different ways, in what I have said and in what I have done. I know that I am a sinner and as such I was the cause of the Lord Jesus being crucified on the cruel cross to take the punishment that I justly deserve- to pay the price for my sins. Lord, I know that I am unworthy to come before you, but I ask for your forgiveness of all my sins, for the sake of you son, Jesus Christ- who died for me on Calvary.

    Thank you Lord that you have promised that all who trust in Jesus Christ as Saviour will have their sins forgiven forever. We praise you Lord for Your grace and mercy on me- a sinner saved by grace, in Jesus name I pray,


  • March 8th – Lent 2

    Verse: John 3:1-17

    Creative Prayer:

    In the reading, the Pharisee asked Jesus a lot of questions. Jesus was sat there with the Pharisee so he could verbally answer. Today, if we have a question for God, he can answer in different ways. Some people directly hear his voice while other people hear God in things that people have said to them. God talks to us in the way that we will hear him the best, we just have to listen out for him.

    Ask people to write down a question that they would like to ask God. This could be personal or general question. I’ve seen people do this with writing on ripped up cardboard but it could also be done on paper. If people have time at the end of the service they could talk to other people about their question to see if they have answers, or the prayers could be taken home as a prompt for personal reflection or study.

  • March 1st Lent 1

    Verse: Matthew 4:1-11Creative Prayer:Invite everyone to collect a stone. In the reading, Jesus refuses to turn stones into bread, so the stones they are holding are a symbol of perseverance and faithfulness in the face of temptation. Then say this prayer:

    We pray for encouragement to remain true to God’s word.
    Lord, when we are tempted to seek comfort over truth
    Let us pray with Christ, ‘one does not live by bread alone,
    but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’

    Lord, when we are tempted to demand you fulfil our wishes
    Let us pray with Christ, ‘do not put the Lord you God to the test.’

    Lord, when we are tempted to deny our faith in you
    Let us pray with Christ, ‘worship the Lord you God and serve only him,’

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