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Messenger Deadline coming up

Get your thinking caps on – share your news, poems and any ideas in our church magazine for the next quarter…

Sunday May 22nd is the deadline date for the next issue of Messenger,
so submissions need to be with Kath Biggs by then.

2 thoughts on “Messenger Deadline coming up

  1. In a recent edition of The Messenger” an article was printed about homelessness. This is portrayed in two wonderful books titled “The Salt Path” and “A Street Cat named Bob”. Both are true stories telling of the struggle of survivel. The author was interviewed on television recently.

    “The Salt Path” covers a coastal walk of 600 miles, and “A Street Cat named Bob” is about a cat and a homeless man entering each other’s lives and miraculously changing them both. The author is James Boyd. Currently in the BA library and also as a CD.

    Do read these books as an insight to homelessness and recovery.

    Ruth Baker.

  2. In the last edition of The Messenger was an article about homelessness. This is prtrayed in two wonderful books if you like reading. They are titled “A Street Cat Named Bob”, which tells of a homeless man selling The Big Issue. A street cat enters his life leading them both on to health and happiness. A true story currently shown as a film on a CD. Author: James Boyd.

    The other is titled “The Salt Path” by ………. Another true story telling the upward struggle of running a farm during hard times in middle age; never asking for a cent and spend the next year walking and wild camping; foraging for food on the 600 mile walk along the British coastal path. He is riddled with ill health, but they are amazed at his recovery of health living out in the open. They reach Lands End and a happy future. An interview was held on television some while ago.

    Ruth Baker
    30th April

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