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How can we help Ukraine?


The Government have established the Homes for Ukraine scheme, giving the chance for individuals within churches and communities to host a refugee or family from Ukraine.

The scheme is currently for individuals to sponsor a person seeking sanctuary to enable them to live in the UK. There will be a scheme for groups (including churches) to sponsor a person or family, which will be announced at a later date. We will publish details as soon as we have them.

To apply to be a host for the scheme, individuals must be able to offer a room in their home or to provide self-contained accommodation. They must be able to identify a Ukrainian national to sponsor and support their Visa application form.

Apply and get matched up – We encourage you to sign up through the scheme though Reset UK, who will match refugees seeking to come to the UK with hosts. Reset will provide training and support for hosts and refugees as they are matched.

Register with Homes for Ukraine here:

If you are approached by a refugee seeking assistance we recommend that you direct them to Homes for Ukraine, where they can register to be matched with a host.

You can find out more from the government information on the scheme at

See also: Homes for Ukraine scheme: frequently asked questions – GOV.UK ( where you can subscribe to text updates from the government.

Share with others – Please promote Homes for Ukraine to individuals in your churches and community.

** Please let Rev John know if you can provide a home or any help, as local churches begin to coordinate assistance with different agencies **

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