Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Lockdown poem

At first the lockdown was not so bad, the weather was kind, I felt quite glad
Days in the garden and walking my dog Catch up calls with friends, clearing the backlog
Socially distanced, – no makeup to wear, -dress how you please you’re going nowhere
But! Oh My hair!

The second lockdown was not so good
So baking and eating too much food! I’d finished the cleaning, got rid of a lot
The news getting bleaker and desperate for my shot!
And Oh! My hair!

Apart from the masks, it could have been worse
No shops open -so good for my purse-its amazing what you save when not tempted to spend
Just a fortnightly trip to Tescos (gingerly) I’d wend! But oh My Hair!

After a year reading books, crosswords and sewing
My longing for family and grandchildren still growing
A glimmer of light-some reprieve -hurray!
My hair appointment (at last!) made straightaway!
Get rid of this Hair!!

Now things are changing, there’s more people astir
They still wear their masks so its hard to be sure:
Is that my friend I meet in the town?
Last time we met her hair was dark brown!
Now, like me, she is grey and much lighter
My blonde has gone it several shades whiter!
But I’ve had my jabs and a big ”hurray
Thanks NHS -we made it to today-
And I’ve still some hair!

an anonymous Methodist

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