Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

‘The People’s Summit’, Glasgow

Today we are part of the People’s Summit – the gathering of activists
Language loss and later Green New Deal
after that we make our last visit to the Green Zone – the government more corporate side of COP – more official but less representational

Interesting to hear debate about language removed from the nationalist/unionist Ulster-Scots/Irish political baggage and inner prejudices of my Northern Ireland upbringing

System change – not just climate change – is needed
The scale of the crisis need temperatures below 1.5°C rise
but also justice and equality

Retrofitting of housing is needed to support the working class

‘you are right about what you say, but nobody cares’

How can we get the world, everyone, every structure, every community, to care – how can we care?

Global South women speaking, and the tech control not white male either – in a British Church building – is great to see
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