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Messenger deadline for contributions

The deadline date for the next issue next of “The Messenger” is Sunday November 21st.

Possible themes – Christmas, Turning of the Year, Hope for the Future, Good to be back, or anything else you deem appropriate.

Many thanks.

God Bless.

Kath B.

2 thoughts on “Messenger deadline for contributions

  1. One thing I have missed throughout the pandemic are the church bells peeling out from St Andrews church on the hill in South Church. They ebb and flow over the hill on windy days and invite people to come and join them.

    Church bells have survived through the centuries with a bird’s eye view of wars, unrest and devastation in civil wars when they have been silenced. They give messages of hope, despair, joy and comfort when we need it.

    During a holiday at Christmas time in The Lake District my friend and I decided to trek over the hills for the midnight service. We lost our way but the church bells rang out over the hills to lead us to the church. What a comfort they were!

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