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Green Christian’s Joy in enough Programme

Rev John has signed up to attend these new monthly set of Zoom-based talks from Green Christian, through its ‘Joy in Enough’ programme, which will supplement and hopefully support the ‘Plenty!’ programme which we have run here on Zoom.  Maybe you

want to join him there – sign up through the registration link below.

The first talk will be via Zoom on Wednesday November 17th at 7pm. This will be a talk by Rev Dr John Daniels called Jesus and the Magic Money Tree. This will be about money – what is it, and what does it do?  We all use money every day and we kind-of understand how it works.  But if we look at the history of money, and what it has become today, we discover that this takes us to the root of what it means to live in time and in society with others.  All of which can cast a whole new light on basic Christian ideas like faith, hope and love. 

The second talk will be by Jeremy Williams talking about the issues and themes in the book he co-authored with Katherine Trebeck, ‘The Economics of Arrival’, at 7pm on Wednesday 15 December

The Zoom link for all the talks is by registration at the following: 

Meeting Registration – Zoom 

We do hope you will be able to come to some or all of the talks! 

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