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New updated Risk Assessments

Coming into the Church building…

In July 2021 in light of the easing of restrictions in step 4, and the end of mandatory regulations, the church council advises an ongoing cautious approach to reopening, enjoying the right to freedom of choice and expression, but recommending safe practice of continued hand washing, space and mask, continued ventilation of buildings and recommendation of perhaps singing fewer hymns (or fewer verses) quietly, seated and masked – especially at current high community infection. We ask that all users of the building respect this.

The following are Government, Connexional and local Church rules for attending worship in our building. Please read carefully:

This still stands:

Click here for Government regulations

Click here for Methodist Guidance

Click here for Bishop Auckland Methodist Church updated Risk Assessment (in full)

or click here for a simpler assessment of our Way Forward

Click here for our Welcome Back Statement

Click here for Stewarding Risk Management

Click here for Cleaner/Caretaker Risk Management

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