Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church – Sunday 14th of March

Mothers day 2021.

Today is mothers day, meaning a day to celebrate your mum, or grandparent. In order to celebrate mothers day, I would like you to compliment or treat your mum, or anyone else you would like to treat. Any compliment is good, or even just do something that you wouldn’t usually do. An example, would be making your bed without being told to, making a cup of tea (if you’re allowed to do this), or just saying thank you to her.

The reading for this week is John 3.14-21.

A gathering prayer for children

Loving God,
help us together to discover more about your love today.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet this week.

A sending out prayer for children

help us to trust you
as we take your love out into the world.

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