Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Traidcraft Fairtrader Stall

Fairtrade Fortnight
22nd February – 7th March

To mark Fairtrade Fortnight, consider buying something from Traidcraft. You can look at their Traidcraftshop online catalogue or their new Spring/Summer 2021 paper catalogue online and select what you would like to buy, but remember that if you order through Jenny in the Circuit office, you can get a Fairtrader discount and any profits from the stall go to Christian Aid. We can then deliver goods purchased to you and arrange payment with you.

Even in a difficult year where most purchases once stock was run down have been by email to Jenny as above, we have still raised £300 in our profits for Christian Aid. Please continue to support the stall even in this virtual way, we can still get your goods to you. Over the five years that we have had the stall, this means our charitable donations from profits to Christian Aid total £950 and £50 to Traidcraft Exchange, excluding Big Brew fundraisers which have raised £155 for Traidcraft Exchange over these 5 years. That totals £1155 over five years to charity from our Traidcraft efforts, WELL DONE!

If you are interested there is also an Ecumenical Service that has been recorded by the Fairtrade Foundation this year to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight on this website for you to watch if you follow this link.

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