Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church – Sunday 8th November

A gathering prayer for children

God, help us to bring
our whole selves to you:
our joys and our sorrows,
our hopes and our regrets,
knowing that you love all of us,
just as you love us all. Amen. (Taken from roots on the web).

This Wednesday, the 11th of November, is remembrance day. This means that on this day, we remember all of the soldiers who died for us during the first world war. It also marks the ending of the first world war, 11th of November 1918, at 11am. Just like the soldiers did, Jesus died for us on the cross. This week, I would like you to think about those who have died for us. Maybe ask your family and see if anyone known in your family was in a war, and died for our country. Once you have a person in mind, who can just be soldiers in general if you dont know a specific one, say a little prayer of thankfulness to that person.

CLICK HERE for the children’s sheet.

Remembrance Day around the world in 2020 | Office Holidays
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