Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Young church – Sunday 4th October

A gathering prayer for children

Dear God,
we have many goals in our life:
to pass our exams,
get a good job,
be like our favourite celebrity,
have nice things.
But we know that
having you in our lives
is the only true goal.
Help us to see our lives as you do.
Amen. (Prayer taken from roots on the web)

This week, as covid 19 continues, I would like us to think about the Bible reading Philippians 3: 13-14. If you have a Bible near you, please read this reading before we continue. If not, the reading says about struggling for what is ahead. Because of this, I would like you to think about things you could be struggling with at the minute, and how you can resolve that problem. This could simply be struggling to keep your bedroom tidy, or something harder such as struggling with a topic at school.

How can you fix or resolve this problem? Will it require someone else to help you to solve it?

Click here the children’s sheet for this week.

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