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Sunday 20th September

Education / Sunday School | Milton United Methodist Church | Bible  lessons for kids, Sunday school preschool, Five finger prayer

This week, as the new local lock down starts, I would like everyone to have a think about those who need praying for.

Firstly, think about those who are closest to you. Your family, who you are in isolation with, but also your wider family who you can’t always see at the minute.

Then, think about those who have a role in society. So this could be police, teachers, anyone else in authority.

Next, think about our leaders. Those deciding what can be done to keep us all safe, playing a big role in society today.

Now, think about those who are weak. This can be those who are alone, or who have COVID. It can also be people who have to work to keep people safe, or cant work to keep them self safe.

Finally, think about yourself. What have you done through lock down, and what else can you do with the rest of the lock down period.

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