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Leaving Service for Andy and Janet

Live at 11am, the Leaving Service for Rev Andy Bryer and his wife Janet will appear in this post on Sunday 26th July.

From around 10.45 you can click play on first video below which will play music until 11am when the service starts.  If you join late, you will still join at the beginning of the service, or slide the slider at the bottom of the frame to the far right and I think that will allow you to watch as it is streamed (and you can watch back on this page later). 

The second video frame below sees Andy and Janet speak live at the end of the service.  You can click play on this frame at any point, it will give their live feed from the moment the service ends [if I get the timing exactly right].  Andy will speak a further blessing and then he and Janet will respond to any comments made during the service and wish us all goodbye.

You can send “comments” – well wishes, memories with them at any point during the service by using the comments box at the bottom of the website page…  You will have to give your email address to do so, but that will not be shown when the comment is published.

If any of your congregation wish to join us but don’t have internet/computer etc they can dial in and listen to the service on 01388 436815.  They can join at 11am, or at any other time after that.  This will be just the recorded service – I don’t have the ability to put Andy live here unfortunately!

If you have enjoyed this service today, you might like to also go to the regular service materials provided on this website each Sunday including the audio sermon from local preacher Susan Thorne.

11 thoughts on “Leaving Service for Andy and Janet

  1. Dear Andy & Janet. We have just enjoyed watching and listening to your leaving service. Congratulations to all those who were involved in putting it together. We realise this was not the ideal way in which to say your goodbyes, but in the circumstances it was a good substitute. Both of us send both of you our thanks for all that you have done for us at Etherley over the past 5 years, and for your support at all the occasions and events that we have held. We hope you have both enjoyed your time with us in the Circuit, and are now looking forward to your next adventure with Christ in Scotland. Best wishes. Mike & Jenny Ellis.

    1. Thank you for taking part in the service. It was wonderful to hear the voices from around the Circuit. Etherley has always been a warming and welcoming fellowship and we wish you well for the future as you journey on. God bless Andy and Janet

  2. Andy and Janet

    It has been wonderful to have you both with us. We particularly appreciated the Circuit Walks and Church at Costa. It is sad that we cannot say goodbye face-to-face, but we are grateful for the modern technology that has allowed us to have a memorable farewell service and that will let us keep in touch in the future. Best wishes for the future and may God be with you both always.

    1. Thanks for your best wishes. This farewell service will certainly be memorable, people will look back and say, “Oh, you left in 2020, I bet that was different!” Our best wishes to you both, God bless.Andy & Janet

  3. Every blessing to you both, it was a great pleasure and privilege serving with you in the Circuit.
    May your time in Scotland be a time of real blessing
    David & Hilary

    1. Good to know that you are watching from so far away. Do get in touch. Best wishes Janet and Andy

  4. Phone listeners – there was a slight delay – but others now join us on the phone lines

  5. Great to be able to join you both for your farewell service. Chris and I, and everyone from Shildon, thank you for your service over the last 5 years. It has been a joy and privilege to be able to work with you. Best wishes as you take your next steps.

    1. It is also wonderful to be able to share with you all. Thank you for your continued service to the Church in this place. And thank you for your friendship. Janet and Andy

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