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Irish Methodist Youth Event goes Online

Something for those in Sunday@3 to join… for now, have a read!

Autumn Soul 2020

The most certain things these days is uncertainty. Uncertainty of tomorrow and days yet to come.

When it has come to Autumn Soul, we have asked many questions. We have prayed and we have listened to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Our young people are living in a period of unknowns. What will school look like, will I see my friends, what if there is a second wave… just to name a few. We want to provide our young people with something concrete; something which they can look forward to and know that no matter what the circumstances, they can be part of.

Therefore, we are planning to take Autumn Soul Online this October.

We will continue to adapt our ideas and plans depending on guidelines issued by the church and government come September and early October. For now we want you to know that Autumn Soul will happen. It will certainly look and feel different, yet we believe that as we continue to open our hearts to God, he will direct our path and plans as we move forward.

Find out more about Autumn Soul here.

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