Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Pentecost Bunting

Is your prayer included?

60 bunting triangles are already returned. If anybody wishes to add their prayers to those of 350 Methodist households across the Bishop Auckland and Shildon Circuit for Pentecost then they can send it in to Rev John, just to give anyone a chance who has been missed.  We can add the prayers to the backs of triangles or on any spares that we have when we get them all back in.

The prayer can be one of praise, for God’s goodness and protection. Thankfulness, for NHS, care staff and all key workers. It can be a rainbow 🌈 or flower 🌼🌺🌻 or a verse of a favourite hymn, which sums up how you feel.All prayers are precious to a listening God, who hears and sees 👀 our prayers, a God who cares.

Revs Andy and John will take photos of all the bunting outside the various chapels on the Circuit on Pentecost Sunday and create an article for the local news sites with the pictures that we take to illustrate that Church is still going on even if the church buildings are closed and we continue to be together in prayer.

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