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The Well – Ideas for Half Term from The Connexion…

Here are ten activities that children or young people might want to try during the half-term to listen to God and inspire creativity:

(Why not print off the list and encourage the children and young people you know to have a go at one or more or all of them?)

  1. Get up to date! Watch a television news broadcast or read some news on the Internet. What stories provoke a reaction? What might God have to say about those stories?
  2. Get sweaty! Take part in some sport or exercise (you might even want to join Methodist staff member Gareth for a boxercise session here). What were your thoughts and feelings throughout the exercise and what were your thoughts on completion?
  3. Tune in! Listen to some music – worship or chart! What words in the songs stand out for you or might say something about God or the world?
  4. Netflix and pray! Watch a film or a TV show with friends or family and then talk together afterwards about what you might have learned or noticed. Does it remind you of a particular Bible story or passage? Where might you have experienced or seen God in the story?
  5. For the bookworms! Think about a book you have read recently that you enjoyed or that inspired you. What feelings did it bring about for you and why? Where did you see glimpses of God in the story?
  6. All the feels! Take part in a sensory activity – paddle in a cold stream (or stick your feet in a cold bath!) or sit in a quiet spot and listen to the birdsong and other sounds around you, or gaze at the stars on a clear night. What might God be saying to you through these sensations?
  7. Get biblical! Choose a guided Bible meditation to take part in on the TakeTime website. What might God have said to you as you wondered about the questions in the meditation?
  8. Justice league! Spend some time reading about or researching a social justice issue that you really care about (like the climate crisis, poverty, homelessness, war, refugees, Covid-19 and health). Do you think God cares about this issue too? What might God want to say to you or to us about this subject?
  9. Get schooled! Think about some of the things you’ve learned at school (or home school) in the last few weeks. Has anything surprised you or made you so interested you want to find out more? What are you curious about and where is God in that curiosity?
  10. Everyday influencers! Think about a person who you admire, love or are inspired by. Or has someone done something recently that has really blessed you and made you feel thankful? Is there anything about that person that teaches you something about God or Jesus?
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