Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Stories of Spring, Flowering and Growing #7

Millie shares her thoughts

During times like this, it can be hard to find positive things in life. Me and my family have started spending more quality time together.

This has been watching a film together, playing outside, going for walks, or playing card and board games, not saying this has always gone well mind…. 

Although this time isn’t really a good thing, it has definitely made me appreciate my family more. Grandad hasn’t been able to come and see us like usual, so his phone calls, or trips from a distance have been a lot more appreciated!

Playing swing-ball or badminton with Ned in the usually sunny garden has felt great. So that you can get a real show of what we have been up to in this house, this is a picture of Ned on top of the treehouse, because who goes inside of them these days?

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