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Stories of life, of Spring, of growing & flowering #2

Anna’s Story of growing & flowering

Anna sent this in as a comment in response to story #1, but it is a story in itself and deserves to be story #2:

Good morning Friends.

I just wanted to say that this current lockdown has made me realise a few things, in the house I have become much better at crosswords & discovered the brand new skill of diamond painting.

Also Dad, Mum and I have found a lot of lovely little walks that we can do from home.

Most importantly though when I first heard about the lockdown my first reaction was, “I can’t do that!”. I know now though that everybody can do things if they try and that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Therefore we WILL all get through these difficult times.

God bless, Anna. xx

One thought on “Stories of life, of Spring, of growing & flowering #2

  1. Thank you Anna for your wonderful words of encouragement. Keep enjoying those walks and stay safe until we gather again for worship and fellowship. Can we do it, and get to the end of the tunnel? Yes, with the strength God gives each of us we can.

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