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Rev John recommends a new Hymn

In our homes we meet for worship

Rev John discovered this hymn on the blog site of its author, R.G. Huff.

Hymn for Streamed Worship D *
In our homes, we meet to worship,
far away from sacred space.
By the Spirit, Christ is with us,
making this a holy place.
In these days of social distance,
we are called to meet apart.
Still we pray for one another,
hold each other in our heart.

If this time indeed is holy,
we must keep it truly so.
Even in our isolation,
God’s rich blessings overflow.
We avoid the world’s distractions,
set our minds on things above:
Patience, kindness, goodness, mercy,
faith, joy, peace, abiding love.

R. G. Huff – 03/17/2020

* – Suggested Tunes: HYFRYDOL (“Praise the Lord! Ye Heavens…”) HOLY MANNA (“Brethren, We Have Met…”) BEECHER (“Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”) There are many D tunes to choose from!

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