Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

From Olive

My brother in law Kevin sent me this poem, he found it in one of my late
sister’s files.
It may help us to think about happier times and how God is with us
always even in this time of uncertainty and worry.


I went for a trip down my memory lane,
I wandered through happiness, losses and pain,
I tried to recapture the magical days,
My lovesick teen years and our fun loving ways.

My childhood and laughter and challenges too,
Well cared for, secure in contentment I grew,
Throughout my whole life, oh, what blessings I’ve found,
With loved ones, good friends and my family around.

So what did I bring back from Memory Lane,
Which leaves me at peace to return there again?
Such gratitude, thankfulness for all that’s been,
I’ve discovered what matters, what God’s love can mean.

I’ve learned that whatever in life comes my way,
That strength will be given if I ask each day,
I’m so glad I went, for it helps me to know
My God is with me wherever I go.

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