Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

March 22nd

Lent 4 – Mothering Sunday

Hope’s Slides

Hope and Millie’s Reflections

Hannah’s Creative Prayer

Verses from Psalm 23…

Walking hand in hand with God, you’re led through green meadows so you can lie down and rest when you’re tired. You feel safe, comfortable, relaxed. You feel the cool breeze against your skin and warm sun on your face. Breathe in deeply the peace God offers you. Someone watches over you while you sleep. Rest a moment. 

God – the creator of all of this – is good. God is the one who takes care of you so everything you need is yours. When you feel thirsty, God leads you to a fresh stream. Feel the cool water, taste its sweetness. 

Your soul is restored and refreshed as you journey with God. You are gently guided along paths that offer life to you and to others, paths of good things, your heart is full. You really want to sing. Go ahead. 

Even when you walk through a dark, scary valley, there is nothing to fear. God is with you, protecting and comforting you. You’ll never be left alone. Feel yourself lifted into God’s strong arms as you journey through the dark.

God prepares a banquet for you in the midst of all your fears. You are God’s own. God blesses you with oil. Your joy overflows as you sit at the table and eat. 

Goodness and love will be with you always. You’ll live in the house of love forever and ever. Stay in the beauty of this love that never ends. Dance, play, rest. Enjoy. 

Imagine yourself in this place. Share your heart with God. Was there anything you heard that you found difficult? Spend some time considering that with God. Do you sense an invitation from God? How are you drawn to respond?

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