Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

March 8th – Lent 2

Hope’s Slides

Hope and Millie’s Reflections

Hannah’s Creative Prayer

Verse: John 3:1-17

Creative Prayer:

In the reading, the Pharisee asked Jesus a lot of questions. Jesus was sat there with the Pharisee so he could verbally answer. Today, if we have a question for God, he can answer in different ways. Some people directly hear his voice while other people hear God in things that people have said to them. God talks to us in the way that we will hear him the best, we just have to listen out for him.

Ask people to write down a question that they would like to ask God. This could be personal or general question. I’ve seen people do this with writing on ripped up cardboard but it could also be done on paper. If people have time at the end of the service they could talk to other people about their question to see if they have answers, or the prayers could be taken home as a prompt for personal reflection or study.

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