Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Advent 1 – Walk in the Light



Hope and Millie’s Reflections


Hannah’s Creative Prayer

Walk in the light’ Isaiah 2:5

When it’s dark, I would normally use a torch to make it brighter so it’s easier to see. It’s the same in life, if we in darkness and lost in life, we can ask God to light up our lives and sow us the way. God’s light shows us the way for our lives. 
When I think of God’s light I think of candles. In the darkest parts of our lives God’s light and guidance shows us the way, just like a candle can show the way around a dark room.  


Light some candles at the front of the church for people to focus on. Ask people to pray for God to be a light in their life and for them to walk with him in their life. 

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