Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

Sunday 15th September – Saving Sinners

Hope’s Reflection Slides:


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Hannah’s Creative Prayer ideas

Morning Worship

Theme: Wandering away from God
The idea is to read the verse and say that sometimes we do wander away from God and leave him behind. Then to ask the questions: Have you wandered away from God? Do you know anyone that has wandered away from God? The Bible says that when we find our way back to God, he rejoices. I’m going to pray about finding our way back.

Dear Lord
We pray for those who are lost, whether it be us or people that we know. We pray that they will find their way back to you and rejoice as you will rejoice. Thank you Lord for taking care of your lost sheep. Amen


Theme: How God is involved in our lives.

Key Verse: Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105

This verse reminds me that God is always with us to guide us and help us. The creative prayer idea is that each person gets the outline of a foot and write down a time when they have needed God’s guidance, a time in the future that they will need guidance, a verse that could help them get through tough times or a pray of guidance for the future. 

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