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During the pause in public gatherings for worship, you are not disconnected. Use the information posted here to worship and pray with the church community from the comfort of your armchair. Send prayers and items for worship to that will be included here.

Click the button to go to the church’s YouTube channel where you can watch services live at 11am on a Sunday using the ‘live chat’ function also if you wish or watch back during the week. Or else follow the links below to this week’s worship@home resources as usual including a link to this week’s live broadcast.


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  • Sunday 28th February Worship@home resources

    Sunday 28th February: Second Sunday in Lent

    Listen to the service as a radio broadcast on 105.9 BishopFM just after the 11am Sunday morning news, or stream it at 11am on the website through YouTube [and join in with hymn-singing for 15 minutes beforehand] – See below…

    Below you can find the radio podcast if you can’t listen on 105.9 BishopFM and also the YouTube video stream, which will go live at 11am on Sunday. You will also see the regular extras including the video of Susan’s sermon.

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    Radio podcast for 105.9BishopFM

    This Week’s YouTube broadcast

    (live at 11am, at the same time as the radio broadcast, and available here after that, with 15 minutes of hymns to join in with beforehand)

    Worship Extras…

    If you haven’t listened to the audio or video services above, and wish to read the lectionary readings before considering these further worship resources for this week follow or this link to for this week’s Bible readings for the First Sunday in Lent from:

    Genesis 17.1-7,15-16; Psalm 22.23-31; Romans 4.13-25; Mark 8.31-38

    Don’t forget that you can also tune into the website here every day of the week to listen to church friends sharing daily reflections, including Bible readings and inspiration… or get them on the telephone on 01388 436810… do join us!

    As we continue to worship online, we have a pick and mix approach to this sermon slot. You can choose to listen to (1) Susan’s sermon as we have had through lockdown. Today you might also choose to look at (2) the pdf sheet from Roots or (3) the pdf sheet The Vine, or watch (4) the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) ‘s broadcast this week on the lectionary passages or consider (5) the District Worship at Home resources or read (6) the Connexional reflection; or otherwise to come (7) to the church garden to prayer walk the labyrinth or or if nothing else to stay home (8) and simply take time for yourself and reflect on the readings for the day.

    1. If you would like to listen to a sermon for today by Local Preacher Susan Thorne click on the video below

    2. or you might choose to click on the image below to go to the pdf rootsontheweb at home sheet

    3. or read the VINE worship sheet which MWiB are supporting this year:

    4. or watch the ‘Politics in the Pulpit’ from JPIT picking up on this week’s lectionary passages:

    5. or consider the Darlington Methodist District’s Worship at Home resource page:

    6. or read the reflection from the Methodist Connexional Worship Resources for this week below:

    Do you always manage to do something you have said you will do? Or do you sometimes like me find time runs away with you, you simply forget or that it just proves to be impossible?

    In today’s Bible passages we see the opposite we see a God who is faithful and who always does what has been promised. We have already been assured of pardon for our knowing that is true because ‘if we confess our sins, he who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9)

    In our Genesis reading we see the making of the Covenant with Abraham. Even Abraham’s name was changed from Abram to reflect this. We know that God’s people did not always follow God but we do know that God kept that covenant for God is faithful.

    Perhaps the ultimate expression of God’s faithfulness was Christ- God incarnate- dying on the cross for us. In our gospel reading Jesus makes it clear that he must suffer and die, choosing to suffer for us out of pure obedience and love.  

    Jesus offered us a challenge as to whether we are prepared to take up our cross and follow him? In Lent we traditionally think about temptation. Perhaps the ultimate temptation is not to be faithful to Christ. We know that because he was faithful to his calling we can be equipped in the power of the Holy Spirit to be faithful to our calling to follow him.

    Take a time to sit quietly

    thought from the connexional resources during the pandemic this week by James Blackhall

    5. or take a walk to the church garden and pray as you walk around the labyrinth there, silently listening to God as you travel inwards to the cross at the centre and then back outwards again into the world. In the glorious sunshine the daffodils are starting to poke their heads out in the central cross as you can see, reminding us that Spring is on its way.

    6. and/or sit quietly and reflect on the prayers, readings and thoughts here and listen for what God might be saying to you through them

    (if you haven’t found them before and are interested for yourself, your children or grandchildren, have a look at the Children’s Page where Millie posts for Young Church every Sunday at 10.30am and there are links to Bishop Auckland Parish and CAFOD children’s worship.

    Youth Team Resources

    Millie and Hope’s Reflection

    Hannah’s Creative Prayer

    If you are able to, find a stone and hold it while thinking about the next question. Is there anything preventing you from stepping out and living to the full the new life that God offers you? Take time to pray about this and then put the stone down, handing over to God whatever is troubling you.

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