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Sunday 24th October Worship@home resources

Sunday 24th October: thirtieth in Ordinary

Listen to the service as a radio broadcast on 105.9 BishopFM just after the 11am Sunday morning news, or stream it at 11am on the website through YouTube – See below…

Below you can find the radio podcast if you can’t listen on 105.9 BishopFM and also the YouTube video stream, which will go live at 11am on Sunday. You will also see the regular extras including the video of Susan’s sermon.

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Radio podcast for 105.9BishopFM

This Week’s YouTube broadcast

(live at 11am, at the same time as the radio broadcast, and available here after that, with 15 minutes of hymns to join in with beforehand)

Worship Extras…

If you haven’t listened to the audio or video services above, and wish to read the lectionary readings before considering these further worship resources for this week follow or this link to for this week’s Bible readings from:

Jeremiah 31.7-9; Psalm 126; Hebrews 7.23-28; Mark 10.46-52

Don’t forget that you can also tune into the website here every day of the week to listen to church friends sharing daily reflections, including Bible readings and inspiration… or get them on the telephone on 01388 436810… do join us!

As we continue to worship online, we have a pick and mix approach to this sermon slot. You can choose to listen to (1) Susan’s sermon as we have had through lockdown. Today you might also choose to look at (2) the pdf sheet from Roots or (3) the pdf sheet The Vine, or (4) the District Worship at Home resources or (5) watch ‘Politics in the Pulpit’ a resource from JPIT, or read (6) the Connexional reflection; or otherwise to come (7) to the church garden to prayer walk the labyrinth or or if nothing else to stay home (8) and simply take time for yourself and reflect on the readings for the day.

1. If you would like to listen to a sermon for today by Local Preacher Susan Thorne click on the video below.

2. or you might choose to click on the image below to go to the pdf rootsontheweb at home sheet

3. or read the VINE worship at home sheet which MWiB are supporting this year

4. or consider the Darlington Methodist District’s Worship at Home resource page:

5. or watch ‘Politics in the Pulpit’, a resource from JPIT (Joint Public Issues Team) looking at how issues in politics today can be considered in the light of today’s lectionary passages:

6. or read the reflection from the Methodist Connexional Worship Resources for this week below:

Time to Reflect


Dark mornings have arrived and where I walk, early each morning, meeting familiar people has become more important. Some are known by name – like Russell and Jean, John and Duncan, Stuart and Richard and Marjorie. Some are known only by their dogs – Bailey and Barney and Jack. Some are simply familiar faces of walkers and joggers, horse riders and cyclists. All are welcome in the darker mornings. Skies can be spectacular –spectacularly grey, full of rain present and future; or with streaks of bright orange and red promising wind for later. Days grow shorter, as trees begin to welcome autumn with shades reminiscent of crabapple jelly and cranberry sauce, caramel and cinder toffee, chocolate limes and sherbet lemons. But when the sun shines, beech trees stand out from the crowd in their bronzy brilliance. Birds are back after their sleepy summer – blackbirds and robins, sparrows and collared doves. There are only hints of summer now, but life in human, canine and feathered form is present to be celebrated.

I wrote this reflection – brought together here as prose instead of poetry – when suffering from depression. Autumn is a kind of in between time in church, when it’s easy to feel low, on the edge, in the shadows. But Jesus embraces all of us, calling us by our name and encouraging us to call one another by our names; to welcome one another and be glad of one another; to smile and be thankful for the company of his people. We aren’t perfect – we are who and what we are – but Jesus has given the Spirit to bind us together in every season, of the church and of our lives, to dance and sing and be silent in thankfulness – together.

Take a time to sit quietly

thought from the Connexional resources during the pandemic this week by Jean Hudson

7. or take a walk to the church garden and pray as you walk around the labyrinth there, silently listening to God as you travel inwards to the cross at the centre and then back outwards again into the world. The garden is looking autumnal as our local biodiversity gardening group (come and join them on a Wednesday morning) along with Cultivate4life team are working on it on a Wednesday morning. Watch the new herb bed going in, or even give a hand!

8. and/or sit quietly and reflect on the prayers, readings and thoughts here and listen for what God might be saying to you through them

Youth Team Resources

Hope’s Images for the week

Hope, Millie and Hannah have now left the Youth Team to go to pastures new – see what they are up to by look at the Youth Worship Team page, and see what Connor, Abbie and Niamh are doing as they form this year’s continuing Youth Team. However, Hope has left us behind images for every Sunday of the 3-year lectionary cycle. See her images for this lectionary Sunday below

Niamh’s Hymn for this week

StF 654 The love of God comes close

Rebekah’s image of the week

Rebekah is a member of Sunday@3 and enjoys photography… She is offering her photos to help us reflect each week:

Do not blindly follow…

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