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2 thoughts on “News and services in May

  1. For the Messenger magazine:

    “I heard a blackbird sing…..”

    Each year a blackbird comes to our local area, settling on the same leafy tree where he has made his home overlooking the allotments nearby.

    Like clockwork he begins his day by a warming up of his vocal cords; half asleep still. Gradually a beginning of a song emerges into a croaky sound, then a sweet melody, until 5.30 am, when far off echoes of other birds join in the chorus. By 6 am a cacaphony of sound errupts, until all the birds congregate for their early morning meeting.

    A feast of worms awaits them where ploughing and planting is in full swing for the next season. Soon after they all disperse settling on their own trees, coming and going to and fro for tit bits.

    I have become familier with their reactions to surrounding incidents, wnen they keep rank with the other birds; with their anger, joy, discontent and harmony.

    Nearing the close of each year the blackbird flies off to far fields making way for the robin and his winter wonderland.

    Ruth Baker

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