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Sunday 7th February Worship@home resources

Sunday 7th February: Fifth in Ordinary

Listen to the service as a radio broadcast on 105.9 BishopFM just after the 11am Sunday morning news, or stream it at 11am on the website through YouTube [and join in with hymn-singing for 15 minutes beforehand] – See below…

Below you can find the radio podcast if you can’t listen on 105.9 BishopFM and also the YouTube video stream, which will go live at 11am on Sunday. You will also see the regular extras including the video of Susan’s sermon.

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This Week’s YouTube broadcast

(live at 11am, at the same time as the radio broadcast, and available here after that, with 15 minutes of hymns to join in with beforehand)

Worship Extras…

If you haven’t listened to the audio or video services above, and wish to read the lectionary readings before considering these further worship resources for this week follow or this link to for this week’s Bible readings for the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Season from:

Isaiah 40.21-31; Psalm 147.1-11,20c; 1 Corinthians 9.16-23; Mark 1.29-39

Don’t forget that you can also tune into the website here every day of the week to listen to church friends sharing daily reflections, including Bible readings and inspiration… or get them on the telephone on 01388 436810… do join us!

As we continue to worship online, we have a pick and mix approach to this sermon slot. You can choose to listen to (1) Susan’s sermon as we have had through lockdown. Today you might also choose to look at (2) the pdf sheet from Roots or (3) the pdf sheet The Vine, or read (4) the Connexional reflection; or otherwise to come (5) to the church garden to prayer walk the labyrinth or or if nothing else to stay home (6) and simply take time for yourself and reflect on the readings for the day.

1. If you would like to listen to a sermon for today by Local Preacher Susan Thorne click on the video below

2. or you might choose to click on the image below to go to the pdf rootsontheweb at home sheet

3. or read the VINE worship sheet which MWiB are supporting this year:

4. or read the reflection from the Methodist Connexional Worship Resources for this week below:

In Luke’s gospel Jesus sets out his priorities in what we sometimes call his manifesto (Luke 4 vv 14-21), but Mark chooses to let us know what Jesus’ priorities are by giving us a whirlwind tour of what Jesus was doing at the beginning of his ministry. Jesus teaches in the synagogue where he heals a man with an unclean spirit. Straight afterwards, he goes to the house of Simon, one of the disciples he’s called just recently. There he finds Simon’s mother-in-law in the grip of a fever and heals her. Then, as the news spreads through the town, people come to him in droves, and he heals them, freeing them from whatever is holding them captive, whether it’s physical illness or what were then seen as demons. The kingdom is proclaimed in actions, whether that’s in the freeing of a particular individual from illness or the healing of crowds of people. Mark sees the individual healings as important both for the person concerned and as signs of the kingdom.

After the evening healing people in Capernaum, Jesus gets up early and goes off to a quiet place to spend time with God his Father. When Simon and the others come to find him, expecting him to return to the town, Jesus is sure that it’s time to move on; his mission is not just to Capernaum, but to the other local towns, the whole region, and even wider than that.

Over Christmas there was a programme about Princess Diana; we saw just a few minutes of it by chance, but those few minutes showed Diana reaching out to shake hands with people with Aids, breaking down the prejudice which entrapped and isolated them. Like those handshakes Diana gave, the freedom Jesus came to bring from all that holds us captive is not some abstract idea; it’s real and tangible. At a time when our inability to touch each other is especially painful, Jesus still reaches out to touch us and lift us up as he did Simon’s mother-in-law. The good news of the kingdom is for all; but it’s also for each of us individually and personally. However unloveable or unforgiveable we may feel we are, we matter and God in Jesus reaches out to us.

Take a time to sit quietly

thought from the connexional resources during the pandemic this week by Jean Ware

5. or take a walk to the church garden and pray as you walk around the labyrinth there, silently listening to God as you travel inwards to the cross at the centre and then back outwards again into the world. Even though it’s frosty the daffodils are starting to poke their heads out in the central cross as you can see, reminding us that Spring is on its way.

6. and/or sit quietly and reflect on the prayers, readings and thoughts here and listen for what God might be saying to you through them

(if you haven’t found them before and are interested for yourself, your children or grandchildren, have a look at the Children’s Page where Millie posts for Young Church every Sunday at 10.30am and there are links to Bishop Auckland Parish and CAFOD children’s worship.

Youth Team Resources

Millie and Hope’s Reflection

Hannah’s Creative Prayer

Lord God,

Today let us remember that we worship the God who created this world.

Let us hear you voice over your creation, in our lives, and as we are here today.

We worship today and celebrate the way we are welcomed into God’s glorious presence.


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