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Can you help? 20-22 August

FareShare Summer Food Collection

FareShare organise the charity donations that Tesco, Asda and other supermarkets pass onto the likes of Woodhouse Close Foodbank and other charities that can help those who struggle to buy food or use it to provide meals for those who will benefit from them. Rev John and Vanessa have helped the Baptist Church to share with Woodhouse Close FareShare collections that they would in normal circumstances use themselves to benefit the community from both Asda and Tesco. In doing this, we have been made aware of this Summer Food Collection.

Can you donate just one item? @Tesco is running a Summer Food Collection from today until Saturday to support @FareShareUK & @TrussellTrust but due to social distancing there won’t be volunteers in-store collecting donated items.

Share this & help get food to people in need #FoodHero #EveryCanHelps

Watch the video below

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