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Rootsontheweb Children’s Sheet for Sunday 17th May

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One day, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘If you love [1] me, you will keep my commandments. Although I am going away [2] in a little while, I will not leave you on your own. I am going to ask God the Father to send an Advocate, his Holy Spirit [3]. It is the Spirit of truth and it will stay with you for ever.’ He continued, ‘The world is not ready for the Holy Spirit, because it does not see or know God’s Spirit. But you will know the Holy Spirit [4] because it will live in you.’

Jesus said, ‘The world will not see me [5] once I have gone away. But you will see me. On that day you will know that I have returned to my Father. And you will know that I live through you [6] and you live through me.

‘There are other people,’ [7] he added, ‘who also love me and keep my commandments. They are loved [8] by both me and my Father and I will show myself to them.’


commandments rules to follow in life, given by God
Advocate the Holy Spirit who speaks for God.

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