Bishop Auckland Methodist Church

April 5th – Palm Sunday

Hope’s Slides

Hope and Millie’s Reflections

Hannah’s Creative Prayer

Verse: Philippians 2:5-11

Create your own personal image of Jesus. When you read scripture, how do you imagine him looking? This image may be based on films, stained-glass windows or art images that you have seen, or perhaps on long-help personal ideas of how Jesus may have looked.

Using you own ideas of the image of Christ, begin to pray to him as you Lord and Saviour, giving thanks for the many things he has taught you as well as the stories he told and the man he was, as recorded in the scripture. 

Consider some ways in which you would like to deepen or renew your relationship with Jesus. Pray these though and ask him to guide you. 

Remember that Jesus died on the cross, but also that he rose in glory.

Pray for a renewed sense of Jesus’ resurrection power for you personally, and an understanding of how it can inform you onward journey with God.

How might it affect the part you play in the body of Christ, your church, and your local community as you serve God where you are?

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