Bishop Auckland Methodist Church


Each Wedding at Bishop Auckland Methodist Church is a blessed occasion which we enjoy sharing with our wedding couples.  They can be personalised to the Bridal couple’s wishes, regarding music, readings and even the order of service.

  • The cost is £500 which includes minister, organist, steward and any audio-visual requirements.
  • To book a wedding, please contact the minister to see if your desired date is available and to make an appointment to talk through your initial ideas.
  • Please then print the Wedding booking form if you can and fill in the first page to bring with you to the initial meeting with the minister.  He will then talk through with you what you need to think about in order to fill in the second page closer to your wedding date.
Candles are an idea – lighting 2 individual ones at the start of the ceremony and together lighting the central one after the marriage has taken place
  • The church organ can provide a traditional sound to walk you down the aisle and out again at the end as the happy couple as well as to any hymns desired.
  • Alternatively or in addition, the church can also offer PowerPoint and/or audio files giving the option of including picture loops and/or favourite tracks into your special day.
  • In Feb/March each year, there is a preparation meeting where all Bridal couples for that year will be asked to attend to allow more discussion of possibilities, an exchange of ideas and a chance to meet more of the team who will be involved in making your day special.  Next year’s meeting is on 8th Feb 2020 10am-12noon.  Anyone interested in getting married in the church at any point is welcome, those getting married in 2020 in the church are encouraged to attend.
  • Your blue forms from the registrar confirm that your date is set.  No deposit is then required, we are happy to receive payment in instalments but payment in full should be made by at the latest the time of the wedding rehearsal.  Please plan to pay by cheque or ask us for the church’s BACS details.

We wish you God’s blessings as you prepare for your big day and for the many years of marriage that will follow.

Our new coloured lighting scheme means you can also choose a colour glow at the front of the church to match your colour scheme if you want:Photos courtesy of John Alderson Photography


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