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Meaningful Ageing Course

Sign up for Oct/Nov Meaningful Ageing Course on Zoom

8 weeks in Oct/Nov 2020 for 2 hours per week
Tuesday evenings 7-9pm on Zoom

6th Oct ‘Understanding the Ageing Journey’
13th Oct ‘Spirituality in Ageing’,
20th Oct ‘Good Communication’
3rd Nov ‘The Power of Storytelling’
10th Nov ‘Dementia’
17th Nov ‘A New Home and a New Way of Life’
24th Nov ‘Loss, Grief, Death and Dying’,
1st Dec ‘Roles, Boundaries and Self-Care’

Video Trailer for Course

Kindness, Compassion and Respect

Meaningful Ageing works to enable those who are supporting older people to be their best selves. There is a wide range of practical resources for organisations to develop and support capability in emotional support for older people. This includes building empathy, kindness, compassion and respect. All of these are fundamental to contemporary spiritual care.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care in its widest sense which the course embraces, looks at giving purpose, meaning and value to the lives of those in the ageing process.  All of us are ageing and we should hold spiritual care and ageing in high regard, not just content to care about the medical / physical needs but to appreciate the spiritual life and changing needs as we age. Spirituality is about what gives us a purpose to our lives. It is about our sources of meaning and hope, which in turn is closely related to our connectedness to ourselves, to others and to the world. And the good news is, as we age, and as we decline mentally and physically that does not mean a spiritual decline. In fact, with advanced years, greater life experiences, and a history of spiritual lessons under our belt, we can have a healthier spiritual life than when we are younger.

Is this for me?

Are you ageing? – then yes, it’s for you. Are you caring for a loved one who is ageing and struggling with what it all means? – then yes, it’s for you. Do you visit and/or care for those who are ageing in a community or family setting or have a role in church or community where you meet older people and want to offer the best love and care? – then yes, it’s for you.

Sign up

To book your place or find out more
contact Rev John Purdy on 01388 603142
or use the contact form to contact him and book your place.

Additional Harvest Materials

Change begins with a Bicycle

Local independent shop Inspiral Cycles owners talk about how change for us can begin with a bicycle…

All We Can 2020 Harvest Appeal – watch below

Follow this link to give a one-off donation or to give £6 a month to All We Can ‘Change begins with a Bicycle’ Harvest Uganda Appeal

A local bike ride away – our local Foodbank

Follow this link to give money to support Woodhouse Close Community Centre and the Foodbank or drop some of the items on the list below into them one day during the week, or contact Rev John on 01388 603142 if you aren’t able to go yourself and you wish him to collect something from you to drop up to them.

Watch Rev John’s All age Video here about a grumpy worker in God’s kingdom…

Watch the video below about Chuck Feeney who John mentions in his sermon this weekend:

or read more about him and his philanthropy here

Rev John reads from Walter Brueggemann’s book: “God, neighbour, empire”:

Methodist Church shares a prayer for students receiving exam grades

A prayer for students receiving exam grades and navigating their future options in education and work:

Generous God, your call on our lives is always towards life, hope and grace.

We pray for all those young people who received their exam results only to be left with uncertainty and confusion.
We give thanks that you journey with them in joy and in sorrow.
We ask your blessing on them as they navigate their next step knowing that you are there for them always.

  • As we rejoice with those who will receive good news, we ask your blessing on them, knowing that you celebrate with us whenever life is rich and rewarding.
  • Bless also, we pray, those who are burdened with anxious thoughts and comfort those who may face disappointment.
  • Finally we pray for those who still wait, in hope and amid uncertainty: keep watch with them, loving God, and be their strength.

Remind us again of the infinite value which you place on every single life, and of your promise in Jesus to guide us to new life and purpose.
Teach us how to use all the gifts of mind and heart which you have given us, that we may work, and speak, and think for you, and for a fairer, more gracious world.

In all things, help us to know that we are never alone or abandoned, because, in Jesus, you meet us all and lead us together towards fullness of life.


From Eco-Congregation Ireland

A Reflection by Fr Hugh O’Donnell

Posted on 

Fr Hugh O’Donnell is a poet and ministers with the Salesian community in the parish of Sean McDermott Street in Dublin. He shares the following reflection with us, entitled ‘As the Postman Said’:

Allow me to speak up for snail mail! For snail is not so slow and these little creatures with a shell know well their whereabouts and will accomplish all that’s asked of them from life with due diligence and wisdom. Even an hour or two spent in their company, you suspect, would be awesome.

I received a letter yesterday (not an email!) which I have read more than once and will return to. My friend has taken the time. For as long as she wrote I guess she was thinking of me, of shared interests, some local news, mentioning how the journey is going, the sick and the mended, before signing off.

And recently Maurice came across some letters in a book of my grandfather’s. They read like relics of another age now like the following one from April 1960 with its formality of expression and comforting tone that sound quaint to us; ‘hereabouts the weather is seemingly settled and seasonable and that is as one wants it in relation to things generally’. Sixty years later, I say, ‘bring back letter writing. Don’t let the postal service die! Leave something for the next generation!’

‘I don’t give gifts anymore’, says Rupert Sheldrake; ‘I give experiences’ as he tells of going on a walking pilgrimage to Canterbury with his grandson to mark the young man’s birthday. A letter is a little pilgrimage from one heart to another, a Camino made by the hand as it moves deliberately down the page.

Sunday 23rd August – Worship by invitation to test Covid-19 protocols

Eventbrite booking for invitees only

This is a Worship Service to test our protocols, so please do not register unless you have been invited to do so. In September, once we have trialled this booking system and all the new protocols for our ‘new normal’, you will be able to book your seats for worship. More information will appear on the website here as we get closer to that time.

Sep 06
Sunday Worship 6th September
Bishop Auckland Methodist Church – 21 Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6EN
Sep 24
Thursday Worship 24th September
Bishop Auckland Methodist Church – 21 Cockton Hill Road, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6EN

Those who have been invited to do so, please click the above picture to go to the Eventbrite registration for this Sunday’s service.

After you’ve filled in how many ‘seats in worship’ you wish to book, please fill in your name, phone number (home or mobile), an email address and if necessary, the name of the other person in your household pod, if you are ordering two tickets.

In order to support the NHS Test and Trace programme, we are taking contact details (name and email/telephone number) for all visitors, as well as recording times entering and leaving Bishop Auckland Methodist Church.

In line with guidance issued by the Department for Health and Social Care, we will keep your details safely and in compliance with GDPR legislation for 21 days before securely disposing of or deleting them. We will only share your details with NHS Test and Trace, if asked, in the event that it is needed to help stop the spread of coronavirus. We will not use your details for any other purposes or pass them on to anyone else.

Thank you for your understanding. By filling in the Eventbrite form, you are giving consent for this to happen.

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