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Do you want an Electric Bike?

Ruth has an Electric bike for sale

John’s sermon about bikes for Uganda put me in mind about my electric bike which I am selling.  It is lodged with Holdforth’s garage, South Church Road:  telephone number:  01388 606050.
The advert reads:

“Coyote Electric Bike for sale, in excellent condition, with accessories, clothing and tools, from Halfords.”  £700 or NCO.”  (Ask for Karen).

Can you help? 20-22 August

FareShare Summer Food Collection

FareShare organise the charity donations that Tesco, Asda and other supermarkets pass onto the likes of Woodhouse Close Foodbank and other charities that can help those who struggle to buy food or use it to provide meals for those who will benefit from them. Rev John and Vanessa have helped the Baptist Church to share with Woodhouse Close FareShare collections that they would in normal circumstances use themselves to benefit the community from both Asda and Tesco. In doing this, we have been made aware of this Summer Food Collection.

Can you donate just one item? @Tesco is running a Summer Food Collection from today until Saturday to support @FareShareUK & @TrussellTrust but due to social distancing there won’t be volunteers in-store collecting donated items.

Share this & help get food to people in need #FoodHero #EveryCanHelps

Watch the video below

Two deaths…

We have heard the sad news this week of the passing of two friends who worshipped with us in times past:

We extend to the families of Avril Hill and Marjorie Jean Cameron our sympathy and prayers at this time.

Millie shares her thoughts on Methodist Conference

Thoughts on Conference

As it was my first time at Conference this year, I knew it was going to be a little bit daunting at least. Then to add to the strange events, COVID 19 meant that it would only be held online. So I sat in my bedroom for a couple of days and listened to the whole of Conference online on a website called Zoom. I was able to vote like usual, and listen to all of the discussions, which I found very interesting, but also very strange. They discussed a few things which I didn’t understand at first, but with a bit of research on top, I was able to get my head around the conversations and topics. 

One topic which was discussed, and really stood out to me, was the current ongoing topic of the black lives matter movement. Quite a few people decided to raise their hand to talk about and discuss this topic, which was very lovely to see. I was able to see different people’s opinions on things that have happened, and also see what people think should happen. Although I didn’t speak and raise my hand, I would have definitely agreed with what most people said, so was great to hear and see other people saying it too. 

I would love to get the chance to go again, and experience Conference again in person hopefully! It was a real eye opening experience, especially coming from just one little church, with not many young people at all. I was able to talk to a couple of other young people who were involved in the Conference, and have spoken to them about hopefully going with them to Conference next year! 

Millie Cairns, Darlington District Youth Representative to Conference 2020

Rev Richard Teal, Methodist President 2020-21 and Mrs Carolyn Lawrence, Vice President 2020-21, had their installation service online

If you want to watch back any of the Conference sessions, or listen to the Presidential/Vice Presidential address, find the videos on the Methodist Church’s YouTube Channel

A Sad Death

Our prayers are with the family of Betty Elliot who sadly passed away on Saturday 3rd July. Betty was one of the church’s most faithful attenders in worship and will be very sadly missed.

Thank you for more angels

Rainbow Angels for encouragement

Knitters from Bishop Auckland Methodist have responded to Ruth’s idea posted here on the message board a while back and we have already delivered lots of angels to our hospital and our neighbourhood care homes of Eden House and Sandringham.

Thank you to Diane for dropping round more this time knitted by Catherine Harnby. They have now been delivered to Bishop Auckland Hospital for distribution by the chaplains. Really sorry not to have taken a photo of the contribution before taking them across.

It’s not too late if anyone still has them for us to share them with the hospital and Care Homes. Let Rev John and Vanessa know if you wish them to pick them up from you.

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